Learn How To Become A First Time Home Buyer

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I love working with first time home buyers. The process can be so challenging and hard to understand. I aim to make sure the process feels like a breeze to my clients. I would love to help educate you.

Kasie Gray - Realtor

Here's How The Process Works


Getting pre-approved is the first step. I will connect you with a local mortgage loan officer. From there you two will work together to gather the documents and other information that might be necessary. Once that is done, we can start house hunting!

Looking At Homes

The fun stuff! Once you are pre-approved and have a budget in mind, we can jump in the car to go find your dream home! I have access to all of the homes on the market, some we have to make an appointment for but it's much fast than waiting for an open house!

Writing An Offer

This can be very overwhelming but when given all of the information needed to make an educated and informed decision it won't be as scary! I will give you information about comparable properties, advise you on contingencies and much more!


Inspections, Appraisals, Contingencies Oh My! There is lots to do in a little amount of time. Standard escrows are about 30-40 days long. We will make sure the timeline fits with your schedule! Once we get inspections, appraisals and getting your loan approved, we will remove contingencies! Don't worry, I'll explain when we get there.

We've Recorded!

Congratulations! Once we get to this step, the home is officially yours!

Now We Celebrate!

Congratulations! The home is yours and each month you will be paying off a slice of your future and not someone else's'! I will be more than happy to throw you a housewarming party in your brand new home! Thank you for trusting me with this experience!

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