Homeowner's Guide Mistakes to avoid when hiring a roofer While the average nationwide cost to replace a roof is $7,269, according to homeadvisor.com, costs vary by region, size of the roof and other factors. It’s a huge, expensive job, so it’s understandable that you want to hire the right roofer and get your money’s worth. So, how do you find this Waldo of the […]
Homeowner's Guide The 3 Most Common Home Pricing Mistakes Have you ever lived in a neighborhood where one of the homes for sale seems to sit for an especially long time with fewer and fewer people viewing it? It’s a nice enough home, right? Lots of curb appeal and you’ve seen the interior and it’s delightful. So, why isn’t it selling? In a word? […]
Homeowner's Guide Secrets to Selling Luxury Homes Effective marketing online marketing. Finding the right buyer requires getting the word out about the property for sale. Today the primary marketing channel is the internet, but putting up a listing on the multiple listing service (MLS) is not enough to sell a luxury property – or any home, for that matter. In addition to […]
Buyer's Tips From Tenant to Homeowner: What you Need to Know We’ve racked our brains and the best thing that can be said about being a tenant is that you aren’t on the hook for repairs to the home. Unless you did the damage. And, only if you have a responsible, responsive landlord. Is there such a thing? The downsides to renting are numerous – not […]
Homeowner's Guide Luxury homeowners – check out these 5 tips to lower your homeowners insurance premium Insurance is a necessary evil – we buy it, hoping we’ll never need it. After all, it’s a hedge against catastrophe. The sheer cost of replacing a home with custom finishes, and the fact that high-end homes may contain priceless works of art, expensive vehicles and irreplaceable values, makes the process of insuring luxury homes […]
Homeowner's Guide 3 tips for dealing with grody grout on your tile floors You know those gloomy weekend days when you just can’t stand the thought of heading outdoors and and Netflix has nothing new to offer? Have we got a job for you! Take a look at the grout in your tile floors. Rather gross, right? Unless you suffer from ablutomania (we’ll wait while you go look […]
Homeowner's Guide Use The Right Paint Finish Ready to paint your home? Be sure to use the right finishes in each room and feature to make the best impact in your home. Using the wrong finishes can backfire for home owners if the wrong ones are used in the wrong spaces. Below, you’ll find the most common finishes and recommendations on where […]
Homeowner's Guide Achieve Feng Shui In Your Home If you take the time to dig into the philosophy around feng shui, you’ll understand that it doesn’t come off as esoteric as one my think. It’s based around the simple practices to make a home feel healthier and a lot more organized. It also helps you to connect to your home, in a way […]
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Buyer's Tips 3 home safety hazards and how to prevent them We all get complacent when it comes to safety factors in our homes, so let’s make 2018 the year we look at our sanctuaries with an eye toward making them safer. We’ve compiled some tips on how to prevent the three most common types of home injuries. Falls Falls are the most common accidents that […]
Homeowner's Guide How to keep your windows from fogging up in the winter All those gorgeous windows that allow summertime sunshine to stream through the home are useless to view the winter wonderland outside if the glass is covered in fog. When that frosty outdoor air hits the heated glass of a window, it’s inevitable that the result will be condensation. There is a way to foil this […]
Homeowner's Guide Critical winter home staging tips Winter home sales don’t have to be as challenging as you may think. Sure, the sun isn’t always shining and you may be contending with snow and ice in your landscaping, but we’ve got some hacks to help cozy up your home, making it über-inviting to winter house hunters. It may be winter, but curb […]
Homeowner's Guide 4 quick and easy winter home maintenance tasks Winter hibernation – that feeling that we should burrow our heads under the covers until spring — is typically fruitless. Since scientists warn us to “keep moving” to release endorphins which will help us keep “winter tiredness” at bay, we’ve come up with “exercises” that offer a bonus. They’re quick, they’ll get you moving and your home […]
Homeowner's Guide Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms Is your bathroom small? It’s the worst, isn’t it? Well, unfortunately, small bathrooms are very common, and are usually the smallest rooms in the house. I can almost bet that it almost always feels cramped and tight in there. Although the square footage doesn’t change, a change of organization and storage space can make a […]