How To Sell Your Home

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My passion is in marketing and beautiful homes and listings give me the opportunity to market your beautiful home. I strive for perfection when listing a house and aim to get your home Sold and fast! 

Kasie Gray - W Real Estate 

Here's What You Will Get

Smooth Process

With an Associate’s Degree in Real Estate, I have an expanded knowledge of the local market and focus on building relationships by providing an elite experience. I am here to make the home selling process go smoothly for you.

Cutting Edge Marketing

Utilizing cutting edge marketing techniques and the support of W Real Estate’s unparalleled marketing team, Kasie will put your property in front of every potential buyer that exists.

Social Media

With an intense plan to get your home in front of as many local qualified buyers social media is the fast way to do so. Most of today’s homebuyers begin their search online. This is why my solid online presence is an asset, with over 1,800 likes on facebook and 2,500 followers on Instagram.


I make sure my sellers get the most money possible, with strong negotiating skills and the ability to structure the deal outside of the box allowing for a smooth transaction.

Video Marketing

When selling a home the importance of video marketing is key! Video Marketing allows the buyer to tour the home before even stepping foot inside. Allowing more qualified and dedicated buyers to come through your home and help save you time!

What Does This Mean To You?

I pride myself on integrity, hard work and creative service in every detail of your transaction. With the power of online and offline marketing strategies, your property will be viewed by people all over the internet and in your town.
More views – more offers – more money for you!

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